Friday, March 18, 2011

Ika's Birthday

It's Ika's birthday here again.

Initially, we were thinking of to throw her a party in any restaurant but not Sunway Pyramid or any our usual hang out place. We were kind of decided a place somewhere in KL but in the end we decided to cancelled it off and postponed it to next weekend because some of them couldn't make it due to some events.

Knowing of anyhow Ika will still be around in Sunway Pyramid for Zhang Dong Liang so some of us who were free decided to call on her in Sunway Pyramid and just had a lunch with her. This by far was the birthday 'bash' we threw for her.

Alicia and I was looking for Ika when we reached. This was what I spotted from my lens. lols...

I have also spotted another one...............hahahhahha

(don't get upset with me ok!!)

This was the reason why Ika was here around Sunway Pyramid.

We were here at Sushi Zanmai

We are lovely, ain't we? *not shy*

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