Friday, March 18, 2011

Ika's Birthday

It's Ika's birthday here again.

Initially, we were thinking of to throw her a party in any restaurant but not Sunway Pyramid or any our usual hang out place. We were kind of decided a place somewhere in KL but in the end we decided to cancelled it off and postponed it to next weekend because some of them couldn't make it due to some events.

Knowing of anyhow Ika will still be around in Sunway Pyramid for Zhang Dong Liang so some of us who were free decided to call on her in Sunway Pyramid and just had a lunch with her. This by far was the birthday 'bash' we threw for her.

Alicia and I was looking for Ika when we reached. This was what I spotted from my lens. lols...

I have also spotted another one...............hahahhahha

(don't get upset with me ok!!)

This was the reason why Ika was here around Sunway Pyramid.

We were here at Sushi Zanmai

We are lovely, ain't we? *not shy*

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hey all my dearest friendssssssssss...!! So sorry now only i posted up all the pictures that consist with our wonderful memories!!

Don't talk so much..later you all whack me!!

1st: 23rd Jan 2010 - Grasshopper right now in concert!
Obviously we went for this concert, FOR FREE!
Thanks to HYY for the free ticket won from 988!
Wasted 1 ticket because of last minutes and not so many people interested on them! (old people ma!)
So those who went to watch this is old people also la whom are HYY, Kiwi Ong and Cherie Quah!! Haha!!
But..the concert was really really fantastic!

After the concert, the normal activity of young people which is Yam Cha!
We went to this ice eating place recommended by Sue Ling at ss15 calls FBI Cafe, right opposite the Asia Cafe

Ho ah Ying in the pic!

2nd: 7th Feb 2010 - Cheras Leisure Mall Singing competition (Final)
Chong Wee has participated into this singing competition and went in to the final round held in Leisure mall!
What i can remember is, all of us were more excited and gan jiong than the participant! Especially when he was on the stage waiting for the announcement of who gonna be the champion!
We shout until siao!

Chong Wee's supporters!

This girl brought the whole roll of tissue in her bag!

Waiting on the stage! Gan ziong-nya!

He got the most trophies of the day! The most wonderful voice and the 1st runner! Congrats!

The 1st runner and the Champion!

As per requested, Alicia claimed that her height only reaches Yam's shoulder! (What a proud!)

3rd: Our 2010 Chinese New Year outting at the going end of the CNY. Went to Klang and visited Chong Wee's family and got so many ang baosss from there...wahahhaha!!
Lunch time, Chong Wee brought us to this No.1 Pai Kuat to eat pai kuat lor!

Menu has the founder portrait! (I guess is the founder la!)

We have ordered few dishes. Basically quite nice! Especially the meat ball!

What i can remember is, the soup is very pepper-ish!! ^^

Stay tune.....!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Begin of Dec... was my birthday...
They had celebrate birthday v me, right after alicia's bb birthday party..
We plan on going Library, but too bad.. the place is full of people.. So, v change our destination to Laundry Bar at Curve.
Here some of the picture... =)

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Friday, August 07, 2009

superying in youtube?

yes! wat u see is true!! superying now in youtube

plz join
to vote for her~!!!!

thz u thz u~!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

superying's super idol concert theme song "舊約"


作曲: 陳奐仁for the invisible men/ 何秉舜@goomusic
填詞: 黃偉文
編曲: 陳奐仁for the invisible men/ 何秉舜@goomusic
監製: 陳奐仁for the invisible men/ 何秉舜@goomusic/ hocc @goomusic

危急時間 有力氣

尋常的我 從來無一點 傳奇
何解今天會飛 都只因你起

捱一顆子彈 一波海嘯 兩場地震
約會約好 鐵鞋踏碎 都撐下去
攔一輛坦克 一支火箭 百人換上武裝 也無懼
誰為約定 能這麼 飽經風雨 又行雷
朝你身影 走過去
誰要阻止 不要去 我亦去

臨危想你 平凡人基因 突然
夷平圍牆千里 還擒拿幾艘戰機
凌空轉體八週 再着地~

捱一顆子彈 一波海嘯 兩場地震
約會約好 鐵鞋踏碎 都撐下去
攔一輛坦克 一支火箭 百人換上武裝 也無懼
誰為約定 能這麼 飽經風雨 又行雷
忘我演出 壯舉

來一束死光 一天飛劍 兩輪疫症
要是我知 你還赴約 怎會後退
練一尊金身 一雙天眼 滿懷熱血 再險 也無懼
純為証實 人世間 生死之約 尚留傳
像鉄金剛 衝過去
誠心和你 約會去

准我舉起五噸的吊臂 為你


希望大家能將我新歌“舊約”的link用facebook, email, twitter, blog 等等傳開去。
何況在這裡靠的是我們自己,不用看人面色不用巴結任何人,這比較像我的風格 :D。


舊約song link :
link 2 : [direct download link]
link 3 :
link 4 :

june 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Skybar, Traders Hotel

Our 1st gathering in the heart of KL city, Skybar... for celebrating our fong's 22nd birthday. The view from there is really amazing, but too bad ying didnt join us this time. ='<
Nice view from Skybar

Pic With Our special guest (of d blog), Alicia ..

Yea.... Have some drinks !!!

Pic with our ling n c.wee ...

Thursday, February 05, 2009



Apologies on the scarce updates lately. Will catch up after CNY once everyone drop back down from this FA CHAI HEAVENLY MOOD.


So enjoy while you're up there!